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Anonymous asked:
You have a lot of guys who haven't updated in a week. What if people want to apply for those characters?

Some of our players are on hiatus due to graduation plans/finishing up school. I’m giving people a little slack due to that. Don’t worry, those who haven’t esent in a message and are mia, those roles will be reopened. 

-Admin A

Anonymous asked:
are you still open

Yes we are! 


Since people are finishing up finals and such, we’ve been easy on activity and events. So when things settle down and players are around, we will be putting more out there for you all to do. 

To new prospective members, we’d love to see you in here as we have some pretty epic canon roles left. So take a look, find your boy and come have some fun.

-Admin A

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Anonymous asked:
Is there any most wanted list? Like that you or any of the other members would like to see around?

There isn’t a most wanted list at the moment, as I’ve said in the last few, I’d like to see the canon roles taken. I know a Blaine would be appreciated as would a Ray Berry. As for members, feel free to answer this for the anon by replying!

-Admin A

Quit your complaining!

The heat has been fixed, so all you thirsty little hole clenchers can layer up and go about your business. 

Sue out.

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Anonymous asked:
What do you think about making Biff (chace's character) a character.

Hm, that is something I’d have to think about. It is a possibility, so keep your eyes peeled. 

-Admin A

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